VVS - Details

In order to serve each insurance companies' needs, VVS provides exceptional features:

Complete solution

VVS offers a complete solution with the following modules and functions:

VVS architecture

The VVS architecture consists of two parts, the first, which is based on insurance profession rules:

and the second, which represents the technical implementation:

The VVS application infrastructure is based on a client/server architecture. It can be installed as:

Corelations between system and end-user modules can be seen in following table:

System modulesEnd-user modules
Module for administration of Insurance products and tariffs Contracts module and Vvs jobs module
Modules for setup of Accounting, Balance schemes, Voucher definitions etc. Accounting set of modules
Modules for importing and exporting VVS objects – persons, contracts, claims, accounting data etc.Modules Persons, contracts, claims, accounting modules etc.
Module for setup of Commisioning system Contracts module and VVS jobs module
Module for setup of Reinsurance contractsContracts module and VVS jobs module
Module for setup Remainder systemContracts module and VVS jobs module
Merit-rating (Bonus-malus system), indexingContracts module and VVS jobs module
Reporting and printing system ...All VVS end-user modules
User privilegesAll VVS modules

System Managment

The Master Data Management subsystem is used for administering objects, object classes, products, rates, taxes, extra charges, discounts, fees, system parameters and up-to-date foreign exchange rates. It consists of following modules:

More information can be found here.

End-user view

End-user has access to following modules:

More information can be found here.