RPT - Mini-OLAP reporting system

Dynamic Reporting Module is a configurable web reporting system used for tracking business processes and supporting decision making. It is mainly designed for CEOs and managment, or anyone who supports or is part of making corporative decisions and planing strategies.

Usually companies have data stored in databases, but using the full potential of that data is rarely seen. Today market changes rapidly, and professionals are challenged to anticipate those changes and stay ahead of them in order to remain competetive. With a complete reporting system that gives a new dimension to the data, these challenges are faced with less anxiety.

With RPT reporting system you define, run and save custom reports. The results can be examined with different aggregations that give new insight and context to existing data.

Mini-OLAP concept

Advanced reporting systems are usually based on OLAP systems. RPT is designed on a smaller but effective system called mini-OLAP. In this system we work on OLTP (transactional) DB, where we fetch and store grouping sets (OLAP Cube dimensions and values), with no details. Details for some cube cell can be fetched on demand.

Advanced report viewer

Within few clicks and drag&drops, the interactive viewer of mini-OLAP data enables you to easyily discover dimension's corelations.

Dynamic Reports


Easily register new report

This is one of the strongest features of the RPT system: Through the web interface you can easily add new reports, that are specially designed for your needs. The new report can be tested immediately.

Integration with LRP

LRP system can be intecreated into RPT, which offers advanced functions like background processing, scheduling and messaging (SMS, MAIL, etc.).

Folder organization

Reports are organized in folders. This way you can

Run & Saving & View

Each run of report saves result in database/file system, what enables you to view older reports, compare them etc.

Permission system

Permissions for viewing and reading of a report can be defined on

Auditing system

Each run of report and opening of saved report result is registered to a central log system.

More information

Learn more and see how RPT works with your data by contacting us.