MIS - Mobile interaction system

Mobile Interaction System (MIS) is an integrated system for mobile marketing, which unifies messaging and campaigning functionality.

The integrated database holds profiles of users. Participants of a campaign can be filtered by certain criteria based on the targets of that campaign.



The interactive platform of MIS allows sending and receiving textual messages (SMS) and multimedia messages (MMS, WAP Push) all in one system which makes it perfect for creating and running mobile marketing campaigns.


Integrated Reporting presents a detailed analysis of campaign success. Analisys can be based on a campaign, a client group or a single client.

What is mobile marketing?

Simply said, it is marketing through usage of telecommunication and mobile devices (mobile phones).

The term of mobile marketing is often synonym for direct marketing. Compared to mass promotion (like TV, press, etc.), direct marketing is more precise when it comes to targeting specific groups of users, because it is received personally by the selected target.

Why mobile marketing?

Many reasons explain why the significance and popularity of mobile marketing is increasing. Mobile phones are constantly available to their owners and the relationship between device and the owner is often very personal. The download of various additional features, melodies and similar, show us the reflection of the user itself.

That's why advertising through SMS/MMS is very effective, especially if it is adjusted (targeted) to the receiver.

One of the greatest advantages of mobile marketing is the absence of competition. At a certain moment, the company's message is the only one that the client sees on his screen. This message is simple, understandable and very personal.

Informing a client with a letter or e-mail doesn't guarantee that information will reach the desireable client, nor that the client will actually read that information at the moment he receives it.

A SMS/MMS message will be, in most cases, read in the moment when it arrives. This way advertisers are certain that their information is received directly and immediately !

With a SMS you inform individual receivers. This way you can, for example, remind a client of an appointment, send a message that some product is ready to pick up or you can redirect the clients focus on existing and upcomming events.

Communication with clients runs on friendly basis. No matter where the client is and in what situation, most people react immediately to mobile calls and messages. This way a SMS message acts directly and will cause instant reactions, which is not the case with other media.


The goal of mobile marketing is, by chance, making a direct contact with the client and through that contact suggesting certain actions.

Mobile marketing is an inovative and effective way to achieve a closer relation to your clients and tie them with personal offers and optimized client services. Only through effective and direct contact with clients, it is possible to increase quality of service, traffic and income per client.

SMS marketing is a way to reach this goal unless your clients are overloaded with messages.

If SMS messages are optimaly integrated in the business process of your company, your clients will get informed effectivly and with precision.

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