LRP - Long running processes

LRP is a Web-service that provides you the possibility to run and monitor long running processes in your IT-Environment.

Every IT-related workflow consists of processes that don’t provide instant results but take some time to finish. Automated tracking of the results has to be setup separately for each process. LRP offers you the ability to monitor and control almost every IT-process regardless of its origin and underlying operating system from within a central application.

Built-in User Management allows you to give or deny user the rights to control or monitor processes.

You will be able to follow your processes in the Webinterface or receive email-notifications.

Extended notification, monitoring and interacting via SMS, Skype and other channels is possible with optional integration of SMA.

LRP Graph

*technical topology

Use Cases

LRP is suitable for all kind of scheduled processes or processes that can take a long time.



LRP Master

The Master Application runs on all common platforms (Windows/Linux/Mac OSX) and provides a intuitive Web-Interface. Through your web-browser you can control and monitor your processes in multiple ways. You can

LRP Slave

The Slave Application is a lightweight gateway to the process managed by LRP Master. Like LRP Master, LRP Slave runs on all common platforms (Windows/Linux/Mac OSX). It can

LRP Program

It represents the template of a Process, that can be run. It holds

LRP Process

The LRP Process is started by LRP Master because it was scheduled or because it was manually triggered by the user.

It gets all necessary information from LRP Program and additional user-input from LRP Master.

Its output is collected in a logfile which is instantly sent to LRP Master, where it is presented to the user.

LRP Slave acts as secure communication channel to LRP Master.


Integrated notification is possible over web-interface and email. You will get notified when a process

SMA Integration

Extended Notification

SMA enables you to receive notifications via Email, SMS and MMS (Skype, IM and other Messaging Methods are also supported through plug-ins).

This way you will be immediately aware of distruptions in your workflow.

Extended Process Control

SMA enables you to monitor and control processes through available SMA Communication Methods. You can

through a simple sms.

This way you will be able to react immediately to distruptions in your workflow.


LRP allows you to manage your scheduled or long running processes at a central place with secure means in a heterogeneous environment.


LRP Screenshot