About us

Eu-informatika d.o.o.

Eu Informatika is pioneering innovative solutions for offline and online services, for standard and distributed systems, with focus on ERP, Telecommunication and Insurance fields. With depth knowledge and experience in Web Services, Mobile Services, CRM Technologies and general IT development, we are able to offer a range of products that on the one hand supports and optimizes internal workflows and on the other brings the relationship to the customer to the next level.

Main value of our company are not the products we provide , but each member of our company's team. It is composed of carefuly selected, highly educated and responsible professionals, each of us specialized in several areas, with high level knowledge in other areas.

Based on experience in insurance for several decades we provide consulting for insurance companies of all types (including health, car, life) to define products and to find suitable technical solutions.

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Selected References

For more references, please take a look at our product page of VVS.